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John R. Davis, Jr. is a Licensed Soil Scientist and owner of Soil Horizons, a small soil science consulting firm located in Youngsville, N.C. serving the central and eastern areas of North Carolina and Virginia. 

All of our services are of high quality and provided under a layer of professionalism because we utilize the most seasoned and experienced licensed environmental specialists to meet with clients, conduct and complete the field work and prepare and review the final reports, maps and products.
Soil Horizons provides natural resource and environmental consulting services in the following areas:

  • Soil Studies for Septic System Suitability ( Commonly known as Perc Tests) 
  • Jurisdictional Wetland Assessments. 
  • Riparian Buffer Stream Assessments. 
  • Aerial orthophotography mapping and photography services with commercial drones.
  • Septic system siting and design for new houses.
  • Septic system troubleshooting for existing houses. 
  • Septic system Inspections for new home buyers. 
  • Flood Hazard Soil Assessments (primarily in Wake County, NC) 
  • Storm-water mitigation plans for residential lots. 
  • Alternative (Low Pressure Pipe & drip) subsurface wastewater operation and maintenance. 
  • Soil Drainage Plans for subsurface wastewater disposal or agriculture. 
  • Soil Hydraulic Conductivity testing. 
  • Water Table Monitoring and Modeling.
  • Nutrient Management Plans for septage land application sites.
  • Agronomic soil sampling for farmers and gardeners to determine lime and fertilizer requirements. 
  • Threaten or Endangered (Protected) Species Studies. 
  • Soil Depth and Rock Assessments for basements or excavations.

General Land Use Management Consultation Member of the National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists, Inc.
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